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Top 10 featured motorcycles in James Bond (007) movie with scenes

Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time to Die movie on triumph 900 motorcycle
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No Time To Die

Scrambler 1200 and Tiger 900

James Bond film series 25th movie, No time to die will feature two triumph limited editions models of the Scrambler 1200 and Tiger 900. Just after the release of the movie’s official trailer, Triumph published a press release confirming its partnership with the EON productions. 007 will be seen racing through the crowded streets for some extreme and dynamic action sequences. Adding a bond inspired makeover, Triumph has announced the release of 250 limited bond edition replica's for sale that will have the same upgrades as the bike used in the bond movie.

With a finish of sapphire black paint, the Scrambler 1200 model will have a leather seat with embroidered logo, a beautiful exhaust number board, lower side panel finishers with 007 brandings, a Bond TFT startup screen, engine badges with gold accents, oversized Triumph tank badge and many more limited features. (2020)

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Norton Dominator SS

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The 24th bond film, Spectre released in 2015 featured Norton’s Dominator SS. In the movie clip, Bond, Daniel Craig is seen talking to a gadget geek, ‘Q’ and Norton’s Dominator SS is seen in the background.


Honda CRF240R

If you have seen 2012’s Bind series, Skyfall, you must have seen the unstoppable motorcycle chase scene through the downtown streets of Istanbul. The opening scene features Bond (Daniel Craig) hunting down the henchman, Baddie Patrice at dangerous speed across the Turkish town. Both of them are seen on Honda's CRF240R.

Quantum of Solace

Montesa Honda’s 4RT

The Spanish subsidiary of Honda, Montesa Honda’s 4RT trial bike was seen in 2008’s Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. Seen on the streets of Port-au-Price, Haiti, Daniel Craig rides a Montesa Cota 4RT to track down villain Dominic Green, following Bond girl and secret agent Camille Montes. A year earlier, the same motorcycle model was spotted in The Bourne Ultimatum


Cagiva 600 W16

One of the most dramatic motorcycle scenes of the James Bond series picturized in snowy Switzerland featured Cagiva 600 W16 motorbike. Bond (Pierce Brosnan’s) finds himself being hunted down by the Swiss army and steals one of these Cagiva W16 600 to escape. The nail-biting scene follows Bond letting go of the motorcycle to chase the nose-diving plane

Tomorrow Never Dies

BMW R1200C

In the 1997 classic Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies, Mr Bond steals a BMW R1200C Cruiser and jumps it over the helicopter top onboard with Chinese secret agent, Wai Lin. In the streets of Saignon, Stuntmen John Pierre Goy managed to performed wheelie despite BMW claims to this being impossible. Out of fifteen cruisers used in this iconic scene, twelve of them got unfortunately destroyed. The BMW R1200C is now on display at the London Film Museum.

For Your Eyes Only

Yamaha XT500

The bike-themed bond movie legacy of the 1980s continued in the For Your Eyes Only where two villains of the movie, one being Erich Kriegler aboard Yamaha XT500 motorcycle are seen chasing Mr Bond. Both the bikes have fitted machine guns in the indicator and studded tyres.

Live And Let Die

Harley Davidson 350

Live and Let Die Bond movie featured three Aermacchi Harley Davidson 350s. The bike scene is picturized when Bond (Moore) and Solitaire (Jane Seymour) escape in a double-decker bus and chased by three policemen, all aboard Harley’s 350s

The Spy Who Loved Me

Kawasaki Z900

In The Spy Who Loved Me, James Bond instead of riding the bike is seen driving the submersible Lotus Esprit, and a baddie is chasing him on Kawasaki Z900. In the movie, Kawasaki Z900 has a rocket-propelled detachable sidecar, and when exploded, the Esprit turns into a submarine after falling from the cliff.


BSA A65 Lightning

In 1965’s Thunderball, SPECTRE agent, Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi) is riding a gold-plated BSA A65 lightning motorcycle. In the movie scene, Fiona chases James Bond who’s riding an Aston Martin DB5 and destroys the car with two rockets. For the movie, a working missile system was fitted in the BSA A65 which was actually detonated remotely by the stunt coordinator, Bob Simmons who was the real driver of the car when it gets destroyed.

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