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Pinlock, Spray and Visor inserts as an Anti-Fog coating for Helmets

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Motorcycle helmet visor fogging is a very common issue in not only cold conditions but also in winters and summers. Fogged up helmet visor poses a serious safety concern for the rider as it blurs the vision, thereby making it difficult to see what’s ahead of the rider. At times, this can prove to be very dangerous. Condensation is the reason for building up of fog on various surfaces. This happens when the cold surface comes in contact with warm humid air. Apart from ventilation, there are various anti-fog coating solutions available in the market that solve a biker’s problem of fog building up in the helmet visor.

Pinlock Anti-Fog Visor Insert

Pinlock technology is the most popular anti-fog solution for helmet visors and since 1978, the Pinlock system has seen transformation advancements. The Pinlock anti-fog visor insert is made of flexible material with moisture-absorbing properties, which is fitted to the helmet visor. The Pinlock ready visors have sections that perfectly fits into the visor pins. Now many helmet manufacturers have collaborated with the Pinlock Pins system to integrate the technology and many helmet models come with Pinlock ready visor, which can be easily installed or changed.

Coming to the technology behind the working on Pinlock’s anti-fog visor insert, the inner lining of the visor is of silicon bead which creates a double silicone seal. This creates a layer between the insert and helmet visor, acting as an insulation for the inside temperature in the helmet. This insulation along with the double glazed window like feature makes this visor insert the most effective anti-fog solution. Pinlock visor inserts are interchangeable but are limited to a specific model of the face shield.

Image of three pinlock anti-fog visor inserts with grades of anti-fog clarity

Pinlock visor inserts have 3 variants, Pinlock 30, 70 and 120, depending upon the fog level clearance. There are multiple colour options in the Pinlock Performance level visors such as yellow, light smoke, ProtecTINT and dark smoke.

Pinlock anti-fog visor-insert-colors

Optix 500 Anti-Fog Spray

This is a temporary method for the anti-fogging problem in the helmet visor. Once applied, it normally stays for 24-72 hours and needs a re-apply after that. It is not a good choice for those who ride frequently in weathers that cause fogging on the visor.

Optix anti-fog spray for removing fog buildup in helmet visor

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The spray forms an invisible coating on the visor surface that acts as an anti-fog substrate, thereby lowering the water molecules surface tension. This coating increases the rider’s visibility by preventing the accumulation of water droplets, resulting in a thin water film that allows a path for the passing of light.

WeePro Anti-Fog Visor Insert

WeePro is a well-known name in the motorcycle helmet market for its anti-fog visor inserts. The main difference between WeePro and Pinlock visor insert is that Pinlock visor insert requires pins on the helmet visor or face shield for its exact placement.

User review image of WeePro anti-fog visor insert for motorcycle helmet

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WeePro Anti-fog visor insert is the choice for helmets with no Pinlock-ready designing. WeePro’s anti-fog film is made of polyester or nano-coated polycarbonate which also makes it scratch resistant.

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