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What's flat motorcycle battery & what're low battery symptoms or signs

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Sometimes we get trouble in starting our motorcycle which indicates something is wrong with the battery. Regardless of which battery you use, how well you maintain the motorcycle or how long the battery has been used, there is no guarantee that your motorcycle battery will last forever. The chemical compositions of the battery weaken with time and even the best batteries have a maximum expectancy.


When you closely monitor the bike performance, there are some signs that indicate that your battery is getting weakened and is about to get dead or just needs a terminal cleaning or recharge. It is also advised to regularly get the bike and battery checked by a mechanic to determine any signs of it getting flat or dead.

Here are some of the signs that give an indication of a failing or bad motorcycle battery. Timely inspection and rectification of these symptoms may help you in saving your time and money.

Symptoms of low/flat/dead bike battery

Problem in starting the motorcycle: This is one of the most common symptoms of an issue with the motorcycle battery. If your motorcycle takes more than normal time to get started, there can be an issue with your battery or it needs a recharge. This issue can also be caused by some other reasons too. It is better to get it checked by a mechanic to resolve the problem or get the battery recharged. The battery may even require a replacement if there is a persistent problem with starting the motorcycle.

Fading of headlights and horn: Your motorcycles lightning and horn are hold key importance to help you notice what is in the front and alert other passersby of your presence. If your horn sound is fading or bike lights are losing their brightness, which you can easily judge at night, then it a sign that your battery is draining. When the battery is draining, it is losing its charge and not producing enough power. There can be an ongoing issue with the charging system or having a bad alternator.

Battery unable to hold up the charge: If you got your battery recharged when it dies and it again starts to run out of charge very soon, it’s a clear indication that your motorcycle battery is dead and unable to hold on to its charge.

Uncertainty in multimeter readings: If you get the battery tested by a multimeter or voltmeter and there is some uncertainty in the measurements, then there is surely a fault in the battery. It can either be flat or completely dead. For example, in a fully-functional motorcycle battery, 12V is a normal reading (varies with the different motorcycle batteries). If the measurement falls below 12V or there is no voltage at all, it's time to get the battery recharged or replaced.

Corrosion or broken battery terminals: On physical examination of the battery terminals, if there is bad corrosion on the terminals of the battery, there is a need to get the terminal cleaned. If the battery terminals are broken, there needs to be a battery replacement.

Bulging motorcycle battery: When your battery is running bad, overcharging or there is an issue in the charging system, there is a chemical gas buildup in the battery. This build-up causes the battery to bulge or crack.

A leak in the battery and discolouration: The battery needs a quick replacement when it is leaking due to over excessive oxidation happening inside the battery. Changes in the colour of the battery or staining due to leakage or bulging are also indicative of a bad battery.

Age of the battery: Even a high-quality battery has an average life of four years and once it starts wearing out, it starts to retain its full charge and causing some problematic issues in your motorcycle.

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