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Best air & gel bike cushion seat pad for long painless motorcycle rides

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Riding a bike for long is not only exhilarating but also quite painful when it comes to not having a proper seat.  How good the road conditions be, at some point your butt gets sore when you have been riding for long trips. Investing in a new seat is not a wise decision, instead, adding an extra layer of padding is definitely gonna make the ride more comfortable. For this, you need a motorcycle seat pad or cushion that relieves pressure, numbness, sweating, reduced air circulation and pain in the buttocks, back and legs.

The motorcycle cushion or pad is placed on the existing bike seat using straps and is either gel-based, foam-based or inflatable.

Best Bike Cushion Seat Pad

In this blog, we have listed the five most popular and reviewed online available seat cushion or pad for motorcycle.

Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Motorcycle Seat Pad (FA-CRUISER-R-REVB)

Image of Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Motorcycle Seat PadAirhawk technology innovation is well-known and its DOUBLE-YOUR-SEAT-TIME guarantee is based on the patent Air Cell Technology. Airhawk’s every seat cushion is designed on this technology. These seat cushions are designed to evenly distribute the entire pressure and weight on the seating area, thus reducing the so-called hotspots, causing pain and ache in long rides.

Hence, in the long runs, your back, hips, neck feel less pressure and improved circulation. Made in the US, the Airhawk cushion comes with a sleek appearance cover with zips to hold the cushion inserts, cruiser straps and, a removable, inflatable air pad.

The cover is made from breathable spacer mesh and spandex with a non-skid bottom that allows airflow through the seat, thus keeping you comfortable and cool throughout the ride. The air pad is made of durable polyurethane using Airhawk’s patented air cell technology and offers more comfort than gel or memory-based foams. For better leg passage, the cell heights lower on front. This seat cushion best fits on cruiser bikes.

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CONFORMAX Topper Excel Ultra-Flex Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

Image of CONFORMAX Topper Excel Ultra-Flex Motorcycle Gel Seat CushionCONFORMAX Ultra-Flex Design Topper Excel gel-based cushions offer superior comfort ride for cruiser seats and touring bikes. The Ultra-Flex design perfectly fits for contoured rear seats of most of the touring bike seats.

The gel protection and comfort designing protects the riders buttock and lower back on a long ride with ½” Ultragel casting on ½” seating foam. Made in the US, CONFORMAX gel-on-foam technology provides much better support than only gel or foam-based padding.

The cushion comes with an adjustable strap system for secure fitting. There are two cover styles available with the cushions, one is the “Standard” cover and the other one is “AirMax”. The ultra-stretchable Standard cover is made from neoprene/lycra while the AirMax cover is firmer than the standard cover, offering air circulation between the cushion surface and the rider. Also, AirMax covering reduces precipitation and heat build-up when the bike is standing in the sun for long.

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Air Seat Innovations Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Pressure Relief Pad

Image of Air Seat Innovations Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Pressure Relief PadAir seat innovations air cushion fits most of the touring bikes, cruisers, standards and Harley-Davidsons, with an easy adjustment for a custom fit. The seat cushion is made from high-quality neoprene rubber and is designed for varying fitments with a smaller front cushion for sportbike and also rear cushions.

The cushion is designed to absorb bumps and riding shocks which otherwise causes problems in your long riding. The air motorcycle seat optimally disperses the weight ensuring better blood circulation to legs and its ergonomic designing make the ride more comfortable. The breathable cover fabric prevents moisture patches and hotspots which gives a smooth riding experience.

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SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

Image of SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat CushionSKWOOSH classic saddle gel pad comes with airflow breathable mesh which perfectly fits classic and small touring bikes. The gel padding reduces tailbone pain and pressure on “sitz” bones. Made in the USA, the seat cushion weighs 9 oz and has a non-skid bottom to better anchor the cushion to the seat.

The thickness and shape of the cushion are designed to add comfort for reduced reach seats while the air channels direct the airflow to where it is needed the most. The installation is quite simple that requires lifting the front of the horn and then sliding the elastic strap under the opening. The other way is by using the included elastic snap strap.

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MadDog Gear Comfort Ride Seat Protector

Image of MadDog GearComfort Ride Seat ProtectorMadDog Gear Comfort ride seat protector adds extra comfort and soft-moulded foam cushioning to your ride. This soft cushioning makes that rough terrain rides more comfortable and adds an extra layer of protection.

Often the seat cover gets torn and with time it keeps increasing. Adding a MadDog seat protector acts as a covering on the seat to prevent the tears and rips from growing. The seat protector is easy to install by just tucking the 3 buckles for a secure fit.

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Best Seat Cushion Pad in India

  • Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Motorcycle Seat Pad - Buy now
  • CONFORMAX Topper Excel Ultra-Flex Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion - Buy now
  • Air Seat Innovations Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Pressure Relief Pad - Buy now
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